Code of Conduct


The present code of conduct summarises the common rules and values that all of us at Arcos Hydraulik shall work towards in order to create confidence and good relations with colleagues, customers, business partners and the world around us. Arcos Hydraulik strives for the highest level of ethical conduct, and these rules shall serve as guidelines in all situations involving our work and business. We expect everyone, regardless of their position, to conduct themselves and represent the company in the best possible way in terms of professionalism, a businesslike manner and confidentiality in relation to those around them, and to adhere to the highest ethical standards in their occupation.

It is also important that our employees thrive, and that we have a good work climate. All interaction between employees, whether this involves management or work peers, shall also be conducted with respect, responsibility and consideration towards one another, which creates Arcos Hydraulik AB’s success.

Company description

Arcos was founded in 1947 and is a leading supplier of customised hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic special products and systems for demanding industrial applications. We are a turnkey supplier for our customers globally, from design to finished product. Production takes place in our four production plants where we have a long industrial history behind us.

Arcos Hydraulik presently has a turnover of around MSEK 350, and has 175 employees in our production locations in Borlänge, Sävsjö and Hällaryd in Sweden, along with Nastola in Finland. The business started as a family enterprise and has grown over the years, but we cherish and maintain the genuine family spirit that we have.

In 2018, Arcos was acquired by Dacke Industri AB, a long-term owner who gives us major opportunities to grow even more.

Our fundamental values


For us, responsibility means that we always act in a respectful, reassuring and safe way towards ourselves, one another and our customers. We never compromise on quality, take responsibility for security of supply, and our decisions are sustainable in the long term.


By means of an open and sincere dialogue, we build confidence and reduce uncertainty.


We support and help one another, with a curious and exploratory attitude. Everyone’s involvement and participation contributes to a collaboration that inspires success.


With our down-to-earth and honest manner, we work in close liaison with our customers, developing customised and cost-efficient solutions together. We strive to exceed expectations, by pro-actively developing ourselves and our products.

Laws, regulations and rules

All employees and business partners shall follow the applicable laws, standards and regulations in the sectors and countries in which they operate. This applies both to our own production, how we treat our employees, as well as to how we do our bookkeeping, accounting and tax returns.

Human rights

We support and respect the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and accept our responsibility to uphold workers’ and social rights in our business.

We will not have dealings with any country, company or individual whom the United Nations or the EU has issued sanctions against. We monitor all published information from these sources on a regular basis, in order to ensure that we act in accordance with it.

Child labour

We do not accept either forced or child labour, and we support the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We shall ensure that any products that we sell are not supplied by companies that use child labour.

Trade Unions

We respect workers’ rights to contribute and join any trade union they wish to for the purpose of collective bargaining.

Ethics and morals

We always act with the highest integrity and ethics in all of our business relations. All of our activities shall be characterised by a sound business culture and fair competition.

We adhere to applicable anti-trust laws, which prevent us from entering into agreements and contracts that stifle competition.

We shall never associate ourselves with corruption, extortion, embezzlement or bribery, and we do not tolerate unlawful or corrupt payments, directly or indirectly, to customers, government officials or third parties.

We also carry out our work in complete confidentiality, and we ensure that no unauthorised persons or companies become aware of confidential information internally or from our suppliers.

We all conduct ourselves in an ethically justifiable manner.

No employee shall offer or accept any presents or other advantages, nor encourage such, if this could have an influence, or could be construed as having an influence, on our objectivity in relation to business decisions.

Our employees may only offer or accept presents, meals etc, that are clearly accepted in accordance with applicable laws and rules, as well as adhere to applicable policy in effect at any time for events and entertainment.

Work environment

We endeavour to create a supportive work environment in which responsibility, clarity, collaboration and trust are important core values.

The company adheres to rules and laws relating to health and safety, and all employees are expected to take responsibility for ensuring that all workplaces are secure for both themselves and their colleagues.

All of us at Arcos Hydraulik shall:

Prevent and minimise accidents by having clear, structured and documented procedures for a safe work environment.

Record and follow up all near misses, incidents and accidents.

Report all Lost Time Accidents (LTA) within 24 hours – including a root cause analysis and action plan to eliminate future risks.

Report LTAs, other accidents and near misses on a regular basis in a monthly report.

Evaluate employee viewpoints with questionnaires and close collaboration with occupational healthcare.

Respect the fact that all employees have a need for a sound balance between work and recreation.

Equality, diversity and discrimination

We value diversity and non-discrimination with regard to both our employees and our business partners. We do not accept discrimination or harassment based on gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnic background, religion or creed, disability, sexual orientation or age. No one should be victimised on account of their political views either.

Salary and remuneration

We ensure that salary and benefits comply with at least the minimum statutory levels and/or the minimum industry standards in those countries where we operate.

Environmental impact

We provide open and factual information about our environmental work to our employees and other stakeholders. We work actively and consistently to reduce the company’s direct and indirect environmental impact. Suppliers are expected to adhere to our operational policy.

Suppliers shall therefore be aware of and follow requirements set out in national legislation, regulations and industry standards. This includes having knowledge of and control over their environmental impact, as well as constantly working to improve environmental measures in their operations. We endeavour to constantly use leading environmental technology that is economically viable when investing.

Company information and property

Information about the company, our products and services, as well as our employees, shall be processed as sensitive information. Information shall not be disclosed to unauthorised or external persons, with the exception of information that is forwarded for specific business purposes.

All employees shall protect the equipment that we have in our environment or which is allocated for use at work.


The present code of conduct applies to all Arcos Hydraulik employees. Everyone is expected to have access to and act in accordance with the code. Everyone also has an individual responsibility to read and follow the present code of conduct. Employees who are unsure about its application in their day-to-day work can get guidance from their manager.

Report violations

Employees shall report any suspicion of a violation of the code of conduct or legislation. We provide multiple ways to report any suspicion of a violation. In the first instance, information about a suspected violation should be communicated to an immediate manager. If this, for any number of reasons, is not appropriate, it is possible to report any suspicion via the Arcos whistleblowing system.

We do not tolerate any form of retaliation on account of an employee or other visitor to our facilities reporting a suspicion of, or actual dealings, which are contrary to the present code of conduct.

If an employee does not conduct themselves in accordance with the code of conduct, this can result in corrective measures. If a business partner has repeatedly or seriously violated the code of conduct, the business relationship will be terminated.

Establishment and updating

The present code of conduct shall be set out annually by management in connection with a business plan meeting.