Reconditioning of hydraulic cylinders

Reconditioning of hydraulic cylinders represents a sizeable part of our business. When you have your cylinders conditioned by us, we check the whole cylinder and then make improvements and upgrades based on your requirements.

Why recondition?

It is usually more cost-effective to recondition a hydraulic cylinder than build a new one, and it is also more environmentally friendly. We are happy to help maximise your products’ lifespan, and when the product finally needs to be scrapped, we can provide a durable replacement.

How to renovate a hydraulic cylinder

We always start by disassembling the cylinder and doing an ocular check on all parts. Quickly deciding which parts being reused saves both production time and cost.

After disassembly, our designer takes over and thoroughly inspects the parts being reused. The designer decides which actions being taken and produces drawings for the cylinder and parts. When all the sealing surfaces are within tolerance and the piston rod is re-chromed, we assemble the cylinder with new seals.

When the sealing surfaces of all parts are in tolerance and the piston rod has been chromed, we reassemble the cylinder with new seals. Before delivery, the cylinder is painted and tested. All refurbished cylinders come with documentation and warranty.

Arrival & disassembly

Inspection & drawing

Assemble & testing

Painting & delivery