Our design team

Amir, Magnus, Ranka and nine other design engineers work together every day drawing, creating and improving the hydraulic cylinders we manufacture and recondition. Arcos has almost no mass production of cylinders. Instead, we specialise in complex customised cylinders that require high expertise to manufacture. Today we are one of the market leaders in developing new cylinders in partnership with customers.

In order to start developing your cylinder, our engineers need to know the installation dimensions and intended application area. Based on this information, they will suggest a cylinder suitable for your application. Drawings, documentation and plans are stored in our system and supplied to you after delivery.

Our design engineers also have high expertise in bearing and sealing solutions for various applications with regard to media, temperatures and friction, and can design the optimum seals for your application.

Our design team examines all cylinders before reconditioning

When you bring a cylinder to us for reconditioning, our engineers examine the whole cylinder, decide which parts can be reused and then suggest how the cylinder can be improved based on your needs and requirements.

Solid Components

If you are using solid components, you can use the link below to search for standard cylinders to base your design on.