Cylindertype, AW

Cylinder series AW is an ISO-nominated double-acting cylinder built entirely in acid-proof stainless steel. It has adjustable position cushioning and is designed for heavy use. Lubricant filled bearing-materials have been used througout the AW-cylinder, which makes it free from maintenance and enables it to be connected to systems without additional lubrication. This also gives a better working environment and coupled with turn ale caps makes the cylinder easy to install.
• The AW-cylinder is made in diameters from 40 to 125 mm with standardised stroke lengths between 25-500 mm. The cylinder can also be delivered with optional stroke lengths outside this range.
• Measures for built-in cylinders with fittings correspond with ISO/DIS 6431. The cylinder can also be mounted without fittings, by using the threads on the cap screws.
• The round shape of the cylinder makes it easy to keep clean.