S-200 is constructed for heavy industrial operation and heavy mobile operation. During the development of S-200, construction and choice of material has, with great concern, been set to give the cylinder the best possible qualifications for heavy use and simple maintenance. Highly set demands give a low total cost and high availability for the user. A well tested design with a wide range of seats, makes S-200 adaptable to most applications.

• S-200 is designed for 25 MPa (250 Bar) continuous working pressure, intermittently to 35 MPa (350 Bar).
• S-200 is available, as standard, in 12 cylinder diameters, Ø40-Ø250 mm with optional stroke lengths up to 6000 mm.
• S-200 is manufactured in SS2172 or SS2343 steel. Obtainable with damping and position indicator.
• S-200 is available, as standard, in cushioned design in dimensions from Ø100-Ø250 mm, and is named S-200D.
• S-200 is also available, as standard, with Chesterton® seals, and is named S-200 C, and in cushioned design S-200 CD.
• S-200 cylinder series can easily be adapted to existing constructions due to the extensive range of mountings.
• S-200 is robust and compact. Designed to adapt to, or replace most other cylinder fabrics.
Catalog S-200